Welcome to the Frontender demo website

Frontender is the cat’s meow

This website is a demo website for use with Frontender Desktop. If you don’t have Frontender Desktop, you can download it from the download page. This is a demo website, so its content is reset regularly.

The Frontender desktop application is available for OSX and Windows. For more information about Frontender, visit our official website: https://getfrontender.com.

unsplash-logo Alexander Andrews

What’s with the cats?

We could have gone with babies. Or puppies.

Freud said “Time spent with cats is never wasted”. These cat images are an example of content being loaded from an external content hub (Unsplash). Frontender is designed for use with any number of content hubs. We call this “Multi-Source”. We’ve rigged up this demo with a couple of ’m. So download Frontender and start playing around in this demo website. Or click the button to read about more Frontender features.

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Powerful to the tooth

Frontender is more than just an easy-to-use interface to manage your web pages. It is a very advanced and pliable system that integrates especially well in an API-First, or headless application architecture.

Consistent branding

Avoid brand inconsistency by creating pages from a library of templates and styles. Create new interactions and try new content combinations on-the-fly.

Live Preview

Preview your pages in real-time and with real content, and share them with your co-workers and stakeholders to get immediate feedback.


Load content from any content hub. Combine content from different CMS's onto the same frontend.


Manage all your websites in one system, publish content from any number of backends like a CMS, social media or your organisation’s backend and in any language.

Version Control

Keep track of all revisions of your pages and publish quickly for conversion testing or seasonal updates.

Campaign URLs

Create custom URLs for your campaigns and instantly publish individual pages or sets of pages on different domains and custom URLs.

unsplash-logo Alexander Andrews