Creating webpages with Frontender is intuitive and fun

Effective implementation of digital strategy and online communication needs a tool that is more intuitive and straightforward. Frontender is the logical extension to your Design System, visualising all the available components in an easy-to-use, code-free desktop application.

Web System

Think of Frontender as a library of UI components that is accessible from all your websites. You can extend your library with new components at any time.

You need your users to sign up for your services? Design a form component. Do you want to give them access to your products? Design a catalogue component.

An illustrative screenshot image of Frontender


Scopes are a powerful feature. They are what makes Frontender multi-lingual as well as multi-site. A scope is assigned to a page and a language. Scopes are used to create different entry points in your website, for instance creating a special landingpage for that new campaign.

Eager to give it a try? We have prepared a couple of special subdomains for you to test with the demo website.


Creating and publishing with Frontender is child’s play. Each time you edit a page, the changes are saved to a revision. Revisions can be shared with co-workers for review and feedback. A revision will only replace a published page when you say so.

Any revision can be restored and published at any time. We are planning some additions to revisions so that you can name them for quick identification and so that you can publish revisions on a publication scheduler.