Scopes are like entrances to specific parts of your website. They give access to different languages or provide an alternate path to a page or sets of pages.

When routing pages, Frontender consults the Scopes and serves a page from the specified domain and in the requested locale.

You configure scopes in the Project Settings, accessible from the Project Dashboard. Each scope has a Locale (language), a Domain, a published page and an optional Path Prefix.

An illustrative screenshot image of Frontender

All of this is controlled by scopes:


Scopes allow for a single, or a group of pages to be served on a different domain, which is excellent for creating campaign websites.


Scopes power the multi-lingual functionality of a Frontender project. By configuring a scope for each language, your users can access your content in their preferred locale.


When published, Scopes appear as stand-alone websites. Internally it’s a part of the project. And that means it has access to all Components available to the project.

Cowboys and cupcakes

This project – the Demo Website for Frontender – has two Scopes pre-configured; Cowboys and Cupcakes. We have prepared a few more for you to play around within this Demo Website:


Are you ready to get started? Login to Frontender and create some stunning Scopes. You can download Frontender here.

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